Воскресенье, 26 Январь 2020

Improve your English-speaking skills!

How can you practice speaking English and understand native speakers? Have you asked this question many times? And worried about it?

Firstly, you should think in English every time and everywhere. You can do it. For example, try to use it when you are thinking about your day or when you are trying to decide what food to order. Secondly, you should surround yourself with English and learn words and phrases.

Meanwhile, you should start watching films, reading books or even signing songs in English. You will understand how fun and easy it is to develop your English language.

The best thing to do is to talk with a native speaker and visit different English-speaking clubs. Focus on what you say and how.  Give yourself time to think first, and then answer. When you reply to the question try to answer using at least two simple sentences, for example: “- How do you find today’s weather? – I think it’s a bit cold, but I like such weather it is pleasant to walk outside.”

Finally, you should watch TV shows or YouTube videos in English. Use them to improve your fluency. In order to communicate well don’t be afraid to make mistakes and practice, practice, practice.

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